The taxation of shipping companies and the arrangements for the taxation of ships, the taxation of dividends of shipping brokers and related companies (Articles 46-50) is a demanding task, which requires a deep knowledge of the shipping industry.

Recently with the law 5036/2023 we had changes in the taxation of dividends of shipping and shipping companies, which provides for the following:


Taxation of dividends of shipping and brokerage companies

With the provisions of Law 5036/2023, dividends of shareholders/partners of shipping and brokerage companies paid or credited in the year 2023 and thereafter are taxed at a dividend tax rate of five percent (5%).

While dividends paid or credited before the year 2023 are subject to dividend tax at a tax rate of ten percent (10%).

Integrated accounting and tax monitoring

Capital Value stands alongside shipping businesses and is constantly updated on any changes in tax legislation to fully support you in tax compliance and the benefit of your business.

Our services for shipping companies are:

  • Set up and organization of accounting
  • Accounting supervision
  • Crew payroll management
  • Monitoring intercompany transactions between affiliated companies
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Tax compliance of the business according to the applicable legislation

With accounting organization and oversight services, Capital Value supports businesses in evaluating and restructuring their existing accounting systems to make them more efficient and effective.