We believe that the organization of the Accounting Department is the utmost duty of any business aiming for growth. With the organization, supervision and control of accounting, we contribute decisively to the immediate information and analysis of your company’s financial data, as well as timely implementation of legislation.

The accounting services we offer in accountant bookkeeping organization and supervision – based on our experience- we know that affects the most important part of your business. For this exact reason we work focused on the implementation of tax legislation and accounting principles.

Capital Value’s goal is to highlight the important role that organized accounting has in every business, ensuring valid and qualitative financial information, which is essential in modern businesses.

Our ability to offer high- quality accounting services results from the daily study of the rules of accounting and tax legislation, as well as the immediate application to the companies cooperating with our company.


Our team which undertakes the accountant bookkeeping (B’ and C’ category) ensures the smooth operation of your accounting as well as timely information about your tax obligations.

Capita Value undertakes the supervision of internal accounting in companies as well as the accounting function for companies that do not have an internal department, collecting the necessary documents that are registered with our company.


On a regular basis and depending on the size of each business, we carry out preventive checks to detect possible errors by the staff employed in your accounting office. This way we ensure that your business maintains a properly updated accounting system.


Taking over the organization of your accounting, we check whether your tax laws and regulations have been observed in their operation. We keep track of the internal procedures and possible errors which we correct in cooperation with the company’s management. We take care of the staff in your accounting office and the timely harmonization of procedures with the current tax changes.


At Capital Value we use multiple award-winning accounting softwares as we work with the biggest software companies. The use of modern accounting and payroll software systems allows us to keep your data secure and to have an immediate possibility of issuing a report.


Set up of new accounts and organization

Accounting Support for start- up companies and organization for accounting procedures

Compilation of accounting statements.

Accounting statements fully harmonized with the applicable legislation.

Accounting analysis and financial result on quarterly basis

Accounting analysis and financial result on quarterly basis

Tax Statements

Preparation and submission of all tax returns (Income, VAT, Withholding Taxes)

Processing of transaction with public sectors

Processing of projects and transactions with the State (Public Finance Service, Insurance organizations, General Commercial Registry, Chambers, etc.)