Capital Value has abundant experience in the accounting and tax support of companies in the construction industry. After a long period of recession in the construction industry, the technical and construction companies that withstood the critical turning point are reactivating dynamically in the execution of projects.

Choosing the right partner in accounting and tax support, as well as payroll for technical companies is a critical factor for their security and growth.


In the accounting and tax support of technical and construction companies, the specialized services of our company are:

  • Accounting organization and supervision
  • Special tax planning
  • Maintenance of single-entry and double- entry books
  • Preventive tax audits
  • Compilation of balance sheets and financial statements
  • Complete payroll management
  • Complete payroll solutions
  • Control with documentation for the correct operation of the labor department
  • Automatic salary calculations – daily wages, overtime, night work, etc.
  • Capabilities to design filters in payroll reporting for any information
  • Individual staff contracts
  • Full coverage in labor law matters