If you are a private individual, cooperating with our company ensures the timely and efficient handling of tax issue.

By entrusting us with you accounting support, we will first study your tax situation to determine your tax obligations and we will provide you with advisory support in solving any tax issues.

We also have the ability to budget for next year’s income to cover assumed living expenses.

Accounting services we provide to individuals:

  • Completion of tax returns for Natural Persons E1 and E2 ‘’ Capital consumptions of previous years’’, E9 and ENFIA
  • Property declaration
  • Submission of Leases and Contracts
  • Inheritance Issues
  • Issuing of Tax returns& Insurance Bulletins
  • Processing tasks at DOY
  • Compromises and settlements
  • Submission of Applications to DOY,EFKA, KEP Services
  • Submitting Applications for Allowances (Heating, Children A21, etc.)
  • Submitting Applications for Registration in Kindergartens
  • Tax Support for Foreign Residents
  • Tips for covering presumptions and spending funds.