The role of accounting and accounting support in hotels is important for their development. Exceptfor important information it offers for the company regarding the movement of money, customers and consumers, it also provides important information for making correct administrative decisions.

The records in the hotel accounting record the property situation and its changes, the productivity and efficiency, the liquidity of the business, which are critical elements for the development of the business.

In the hotel industry, our experience has shown us that knowledge of management accounting is required in order for the management of the companies to make the appropriate decisions.

Payroll management is also important.

Hotel payroll is a demanding process that should adhere to the letter of the law. The high quality of our services in issuing and managing payroll for hotels is reflected in the ever-increasing choice of businesses to outsource their payroll to us.

Accounting and tax services for hotels

  • Accounting and tax monitoring
  • Tax Planning
  • Solving complex costing problems
  • Utilization of development incentives and NSRF programs
  • Complete payroll management
  • Balance Sheets and Financial Statements
  • Preventive tax audits
  • Support during tax audits