Renting houses or rooms for travelers directly from their owners, through the AIRBNB platform, while it started as a simple process for the owners to make a small profit from spaces they provided for a small fee, it ended up in a complex process for reporting information.

Today the availability of accommodation through AIRBNB has become an important income for the owners, from tourism in Greece. Cross-checking data from AADE through the rental platform displays the booking image for the accommodations.

Many accommodation owners are often faced with a number of accounting and tax issues when the information received from AIRBNB does not agree with the income tax declarations and Short Stay Declarations that must be submitted by the 20th of the month following the day of departure lessee from the “Property”.

At Capital Value, specialized accountants undertake to guide you through critical issues of online real estate leasing. Our accounting company is able to inform you in a timely manner about your tax obligations and all the legal procedures that need to be followed so that you can rent your space without fear.

In addition, Capital Value undertakes, after a thorough study of all your financial data, the drawing up of a financial plan for the choice of how to exploit real estate as a natural or legal person, the provision of full accounting support and the assessment of the annual tax burden.

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